Gromacs  2020.4
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devicetransfers.h File Reference
#include "gromacs/utility/arrayref.h"
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Declares helper functionality for device transfers for tests for GPU host allocator.

Undefined symbols in Google Test, GROMACS use of -Wundef, and the implementation of FindCUDA.cmake and/or nvcc mean that no compilation unit should include a gtest header while being compiled by nvcc. None of -isystem, -Wno-undef, nor the pragma GCC diagnostic work.

Thus, this header isolates CUDA-specific functionality to its own translation unit. The OpenCL and no-GPU implementations do not require this separation, but do so for consistency.

Mark Abraham


void gmx::doDeviceTransfers (const gmx_gpu_info_t &gpuInfo, ArrayRef< const char > input, ArrayRef< char > output)
 Helper function for GPU test code to be platform agnostic. More...