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opencl Directory Reference
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file  nbnxm_ocl.cpp
 Define OpenCL implementation of nbnxm_gpu.h.
file  nbnxm_ocl_consts.h
 Macros defining platform-dependent defaults for the prune kernel's j4 processing concurrency.
file  nbnxm_ocl_data_mgmt.cpp
 Define OpenCL implementation of nbnxm_gpu_data_mgmt.h.
file  nbnxm_ocl_internal.h
 Internal API of the OpenCL non-bonded module.
file  nbnxm_ocl_jit_support.cpp
 Defines functions that support JIT compilation (e.g. for OpenCL)
file  nbnxm_ocl_types.h
 Data types used internally in the nbnxm_ocl module.