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pbcutil Directory Reference
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directory  tests


file  boxutilities.cpp
 Implements routines in boxutilities.h.
file  boxutilities.h
file  ishift.h
file  mshift.cpp
file  mshift.h
file  pbc.cpp
 Implements routines in pbc.h.
file  pbc.h
file  pbc_aiuc.h
 Structure and basic routines to handle periodic boundary conditions.
file  pbc_simd.cpp
 This file defines a low-level function for SIMD PBC calculation.
file  pbc_simd.h
 This file contains a definition, declaration and inline function for SIMD accelerated PBC calculations.
file  pbcenums.cpp
 Implements getters for enum names.
file  pbcenums.h
 Defines enum classes for centering and unit cell types.
file  pbcmethods.cpp
file  pbcmethods.h
file  rmpbc.cpp
file  rmpbc.h