Gromacs  2020.4
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gputraits_ocl.h File Reference
#include "gromacs/gpu_utils/gmxopencl.h"
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Declares the OpenCL type traits.

Aleksei Iupinov


struct  KernelLaunchConfig
 GPU kernels scheduling description. This is same in OpenCL/CUDA. Provides reasonable defaults, one typically only needs to set the GPU stream and non-1 work sizes. More...


#define c_canEmbedBuffers   false
 Sets whether device code can use arrays that are embedded in structs. Note that OpenCL 2.x might be able to do this, but we use 1.2.


using CommandStream = cl_command_queue
 GPU command stream.
using CommandEvent = cl_event
 Single GPU call timing event.
using DeviceContext = cl_context
 Context used explicitly in OpenCL.