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testutils Directory Reference
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Testing Utilities (testutils)


directory  tests
 Unit tests for Testing Utilities (testutils).


file  cmdlinetest.cpp
file  cmdlinetest.h
 Declares utilities testing command-line programs.
file  conftest.cpp
file  conftest.h
 Declares function to add the content of a conf file to a checker.
file  filematchers.cpp
file  filematchers.h
 Declares utility classes for testing file contents.
file  interactivetest.cpp
file  interactivetest.h
 Provides helper classes for testing interactive prompts.
file  loggertest.cpp
file  loggertest.h
 Declares gmx::test::LoggerTestHelper.
file  mpi_printer.cpp
file  mpi_printer.h
file  mpitest.cpp
file  mpitest.h
 Helper functions for MPI tests to make thread-MPI look like real MPI.
file  refdata.cpp
file  refdata.h
 Functionality for writing tests that can produce their own reference data.
file  refdata_checkers.h
file  refdata_impl.h
file  refdata_xml.cpp
file  refdata_xml.h
file  setenv.h
 Helper functions to have identical behavior of setenv and unsetenv on Unix and Windows systems.
file  simulationdatabase.cpp
file  simulationdatabase.h
 Functionality for testing whether calls to mdrun produce the same energy and force quantities when they should do so.
file  stdiohelper.cpp
file  stdiohelper.h
 Declares gmx::test::StdioTestHelper.
file  stringtest.cpp
file  stringtest.h
 Declares gmx::test::StringTestBase.
file  testasserts.cpp
file  testasserts.h
 Extra assertions for unit tests.
file  testexceptions.h
 Exception classes for errors in tests.
file  testfilemanager.cpp
file  testfilemanager.h
 Declares gmx::test::TestFileManager.
file  testfileredirector.cpp
file  testfileredirector.h
 Declares generic mock implementations for interfaces in fileredirector.h.
file  testinit.cpp
file  testinit.h
file  testmatchers.cpp
file  testmatchers.h
 Extra GoogleMock matchers for unit tests.
file  testoptions.cpp
file  testoptions.h
 Functions for accessing test command-line options.
file  testutils_doc.h
file  textblockmatchers.cpp
file  textblockmatchers.h
 Declares utility classes for testing multi-line strings against reference data.
file  tprfilegenerator.cpp
file  tprfilegenerator.h
 Helper for generating reusuable TPR files for tests within the same test binary.
file  unittest_main.cpp
file  xvgtest.cpp
file  xvgtest.h
 Declares function to add the content of an xvg file to a checker.