Gromacs  2019-beta2
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C++ "standard" library compatibility helpers.
+ Collaboration diagram for C++ "standard" library compatibility helpers.:


Provide uniform interface to selected C++ standard and popular library features.

For some features not available on all platforms supported by GROMACS, provides back-ports or mappings to available standard library implementations as appropriate.

Backported implementations of features from newer C++ standards, or from community libraries such as Abseil or the Guidelines Support Library may also be considered for inclusion here. We generally expect that features included here are either already standard, proposed for the standard, or so useful in solving a frequently occuring problem that their use is not controversial.


Provide a trivially adapted implementation of the C++ standard library make_unique function template. When All supported GROMACS build platforms provide std::make_unique, this should be removed.


file  make_unique.h
 Provides template gmx::compat::make_unique.
file  pointers.h
 Provides ported functions/classes from gsl/pointers.
file  utility.h
 Provides backported functions/classes from utility.