Gromacs  2016.4
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gmx_sel_evaluate_t Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/selection/evaluate.h>

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Data structure for passing information required during evaluation.

Public Attributes

 Memory pool for intermediate values. More...
 Index group that contains all the atoms. More...
t_topology * top
 Topology information. More...
t_trxframe * fr
 Current frame. More...
 PBC data. More...

Member Data Documentation

t_trxframe* gmx_sel_evaluate_t::fr

Current frame.

gmx_ana_index_t* gmx_sel_evaluate_t::gall

Index group that contains all the atoms.

gmx_sel_mempool_t* gmx_sel_evaluate_t::mp

Memory pool for intermediate values.

t_pbc* gmx_sel_evaluate_t::pbc

PBC data.

t_topology* gmx_sel_evaluate_t::top

Topology information.

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