Gromacs  2016.4
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utility Directory Reference
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Low-Level Utilities (utility)


directory  tests
 Unit tests for Low-Level Utilities (utility).


file  alignedallocator.cpp
file  alignedallocator.h
 Declares gmx::AlignedAllocator that is used to make standard library containers compatible with SIMD contents that require aligned load/store.
file  arrayref.h
 Declares gmx::ArrayRef and gmx::ConstArrayRef.
file  arraysize.h
 Provides asize() macro for calculating the static size of an array.
file  basedefinitions.h
 Basic types and macros used throughout GROMACS.
file  basenetwork.cpp
file  basenetwork.h
 Utility functions for basic MPI and network functionality.
file  baseversion-gen.h
file  baseversion.cpp
file  baseversion.h
 Declares functions to get basic version information.
file  binaryinformation.cpp
file  binaryinformation.h
 Helper functionality for information about the currently running binary.
file  bitmask.h
 Declares gmx_bitmask_t and associated functions.
file  classhelpers.h
 Declares common utility classes and macros.
file  coolstuff.cpp
file  coolstuff.h
 Functionality for printing cool strings.
file  cstringutil.cpp
file  cstringutil.h
 Generic C string handling functions.
file  cuda_version_information.h
file  current_function.h
 Declares GMX_CURRENT_FUNCTION for getting the current function name.
file  datafilefinder.cpp
file  datafilefinder.h
 Declares gmx::DataFileFinder and related classes.
file  dir_separator.h
 Provides OS-specific directory-name separator.
file  directoryenumerator.cpp
file  directoryenumerator.h
 Declares gmx::DirectoryEnumerator.
file  errorcodes.cpp
file  errorcodes.h
 Declares error codes and related functions for fatal error handling.
file  errorformat.cpp
file  errorformat.h
file  exceptions.cpp
file  exceptions.h
 Declares common exception classes and macros for fatal error handling.
file  fatalerror.cpp
file  fatalerror.h
 Declares fatal error handling and debugging routines for C code.
file  fileredirector.cpp
file  fileredirector.h
 Declares gmx::IFileOutputRedirector.
file  filestream.cpp
file  filestream.h
 Declares implementations for textstream.h interfaces for file input/output.
file  flags.h
 Declares gmx::FlagsTemplate.
file  futil.cpp
file  futil.h
 Low-level wrappers for OS-specific file handling with some GROMACS customizations.
file  gmxassert.cpp
file  gmxassert.h
 Defines assert macros customized for Gromacs.
file  gmxmpi.h
 Wraps <mpi.h> usage in Gromacs.
file  gmxomp.cpp
file  gmxomp.h
 Declares OpenMP wrappers to avoid conditional compilation.
file  gmxregex.cpp
file  gmxregex.h
 Declares simple wrapper for regular expression functionality.
file  init.cpp
file  init.h
 Declares functions for initializing the GROMACS library.
file  int64_to_int.cpp
file  int64_to_int.h
 Low-level utility for converting 64 bit int to int (the size of which is hardware dependent), printing a warning if an overflow will occur.
file  messagestringcollector.cpp
file  messagestringcollector.h
 Declares gmx::MessageStringCollector.
file  mutex.h
 Declares C++11-style basic threading primitives (gmx::Mutex, gmx::lock_guard).
file  nodelete.h
 Declares no_delete deleter for std::shared_ptr.
file  path.cpp
file  path.h
 Declares functions for OS-independent path handling.
file  pleasecite.cpp
file  pleasecite.h
 Declares please_cite() for printing out literature references.
file  programcontext.cpp
file  programcontext.h
 Declares gmx::IProgramContext and related methods.
file  qsort_threadsafe.cpp
file  qsort_threadsafe.h
 Portable implementation of threadsafe quicksort.
file  real.h
 Declares real and related constants.
file  scoped_cptr.h
 Declares gmx::scoped_cptr and gmx::scoped_guard_sfree.
file  smalloc.cpp
file  smalloc.h
 C memory allocation routines for GROMACS.
file  snprintf.h
 Provide snprintf symbol on all OS (for internal Gromacs use)
file  strdb.cpp
file  strdb.h
 Declares C functions for reading files with a list of strings.
file  stringstream.cpp
file  stringstream.h
 Declares implementations for textstream.h interfaces for input/output to in-memory strings.
file  stringutil.cpp
file  stringutil.h
 Declares common string utility and formatting routines.
file  sysinfo.cpp
file  sysinfo.h
 Declares functions for obtaining information about the operating environment and the current process.
file  textreader.cpp
file  textreader.h
 Declares gmx::TextReader.
file  textstream.h
 Declares interfaces for simple input/output streams.
file  textwriter.cpp
file  textwriter.h
 Declares gmx::TextWriter.
file  txtdump.cpp
file  txtdump.h
 Declares helper functions for dumping basic data structures as text.