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GpuRegionTimerImpl< framework > Class Template Referenceabstract

#include <gromacs/gpu_utils/gpuregiontimer.h>


template<GpuFramework framework>
class GpuRegionTimerImpl< framework >

This is a GPU region timing implementation interface. It should provide methods for measuring the last timespan. Copying/assignment is disabled since the underlying timing events are owned by this.

Public Member Functions

 GpuRegionTimerImpl (const GpuRegionTimerImpl &)=delete
 No copying.
GpuRegionTimerImploperator= (GpuRegionTimerImpl &&)=delete
 No assignment.
 GpuRegionTimerImpl (GpuRegionTimerImpl &&)=delete
 Moving is disabled but can be considered in the future if needed.
void openTimingRegion (CommandStream)=0
 Will be called before the region start.
void closeTimingRegion (CommandStream)=0
 Will be called after the region end.
void reset ()=0
 Resets any internal state if needed.
double getLastRangeTime ()=0
 Returns the last measured region timespan (in milliseconds) and calls reset()
CommandEvent * fetchNextEvent ()=0
 Returns a new raw timing event for passing into individual GPU API calls within the region if the API requires it (e.g. on OpenCL).

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