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gmx::KeyValueTreeObjectArrayBuilder Class Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/keyvaluetreebuilder.h>

Inherits gmx::KeyValueTreeArrayBuilderBase.


Builder for KeyValueTreeArray objects where all elements are KeyValueTreeObject objects.

The builder does not own the array being constructed, but instead holds a reference to an object within a tree rooted in KeyValueTreeBuilder or KeyValueTreeValueBuilder.

Public Member Functions

KeyValueTreeObjectBuilder addObject ()
 Appends an object to the array. More...

Protected Member Functions

KeyValueTreeValue & addRawValue (Variant &&value)
 Appends a raw Variant value to the array.
KeyValueTreeValue & addRawValue (KeyValueTreeValue &&value)
 Appends a raw KeyValueTreeValue to the array.


class KeyValueTreeObjectBuilder

Member Function Documentation

KeyValueTreeObjectBuilder gmx::KeyValueTreeObjectArrayBuilder::addObject ( )

Appends an object to the array.

The object is created empty and can be built using the returned builder.

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