Gromacs  2018.8
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taskassignment Directory Reference
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directory  tests


file  decidegpuusage.cpp
file  decidegpuusage.h
 Declares functionality for deciding whether tasks will run on GPUs.
file  findallgputasks.cpp
file  findallgputasks.h
file  reportgpuusage.cpp
file  reportgpuusage.h
file  resourcedivision.cpp
file  resourcedivision.h
 Declares utility functionality for dividing resources and checking for consistency and usefulness.
file  taskassignment.cpp
file  taskassignment.h
 Declares high-level functionality for managing assigning tasks on ranks of a node to hardware on that node, and the factory function to build the correct flavours of gmx::INodeTaskAssigner required to implement the user's requirements.
file  usergpuids.cpp
file  usergpuids.h
 Declares routines for handling user-specified GPU IDs.