Gromacs  2018.8
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gpu_utils Directory Reference
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directory  tests


file  gmxopencl.h
 Wraps the complexity of including OpenCL in Gromacs.
file  gpu_macros.h
file  gpu_utils.cpp
file  gpu_utils.h
 Declare functions for detection and initialization for GPU devices.
file  gpu_utils_ocl.cpp
file  gpuregiontimer.h
 Defines the GPU region timer implementation/wrapper classes. The implementations live in gpuregiontimer.cuh for CUDA and gpuregiontimer_ocl.h for OpenCL.
file  gpuregiontimer_ocl.h
 Implements the GPU region timer for OpenCL.
file  hostallocator.cpp
file  hostallocator.h
 Declares gmx::HostAllocationPolicy, gmx::HostAllocator, and gmx::HostVector, which are used to make/be standard library containers that can allocate memory suitable for transfers. Currently the only supported transfers using pinned memory are to CUDA GPUs, but other possibilities exist in future.
file  ocl_caching.cpp
file  ocl_caching.h
file  ocl_compiler.cpp
file  ocl_compiler.h
 Declare infrastructure for OpenCL JIT compilation.
file  oclutils.cpp
file  oclutils.h
 Declare utility routines for OpenCL.
file  pinning.h
 Declares functions for pinning memory to be suitable for efficient GPU transfers on CUDA.
file  pmalloc_cuda.h
 Declare functions for host-side memory handling when using CUDA devices.