Gromacs  2018.8
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gmx::SelectionTopologyProperties Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/selection/selectionenums.h>


Describes topology properties required for selection evaluation.

See SelectionCollection::requiredTopologyProperties().

Public Member Functions

 SelectionTopologyProperties ()
 Initializes properties that does not require anything.
 SelectionTopologyProperties (bool needsTopology, bool needsMasses)
 Initializes properties with the given flags.
void merge (const SelectionTopologyProperties &other)
 Combines flags from another properties object to this.
bool hasAll () const
 Whether all flags are true (for short-ciruiting logic).
bool hasAny () const
 Whether any flag is true.

Static Public Member Functions

static SelectionTopologyProperties topology ()
 Returns a property object that requires generic topology info.
static SelectionTopologyProperties masses ()
 Returns a property object that requires atom masses.

Public Attributes

bool needsTopology
 Whether topology information is needed for selection evaluation.
bool needsMasses
 Whether atom masses are needed for selection evaluation.

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