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gmx::StaticLog2< n > Struct Template Reference

#include <gromacs/math/functions.h>


template<std::uint64_t n>
struct gmx::StaticLog2< n >

Evaluate log2(n) for integer n statically at compile time.

Use as staticLog2<n>::value, where n must be a positive integer. Negative n will be reinterpreted as the corresponding unsigned integer, and you will get a compile-time error if n==0. The calculation is done by recursively dividing n by 2 (until it is 1), and incrementing the result by 1 in each step.

Template Parameters
nValue to recursively calculate log2(n) for

Static Public Attributes

static const int value = StaticLog2<n/2>::value+1
 Variable value used for recursive static calculation of Log2(int)

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