Gromacs  2018.8
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#include "gromacs/hardware/cpuinfo.h"
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Functions to query compiled and supported SIMD architectures.

Erik Lindahl


enum  gmx::SimdType {
  gmx::SimdType::None, gmx::SimdType::Reference, gmx::SimdType::Generic, gmx::SimdType::X86_Sse2,
  gmx::SimdType::X86_Sse4_1, gmx::SimdType::X86_Avx128Fma, gmx::SimdType::X86_Avx, gmx::SimdType::X86_Avx2,
  gmx::SimdType::X86_Avx2_128, gmx::SimdType::X86_Avx512, gmx::SimdType::X86_Avx512Knl, gmx::SimdType::X86_Mic,
  gmx::SimdType::Arm_Neon, gmx::SimdType::Arm_NeonAsimd, gmx::SimdType::Ibm_Qpx, gmx::SimdType::Ibm_Vmx,
  gmx::SimdType::Ibm_Vsx, gmx::SimdType::Fujitsu_HpcAce
 Enumerated options for SIMD architectures. More...


const std::string & gmx::simdString (SimdType s)
 Return a string with the name of a SIMD type. More...
SimdType gmx::simdSuggested (const CpuInfo &c)
 Return the SIMD type that would fit this hardware best.
SimdType gmx::simdCompiled ()
 Return the SIMD type the library was compiled with.
bool gmx::simdCheck (SimdType s, FILE *log, bool warnToStdErr)
 Check if binary was compiled with the provided SIMD type. More...