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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCgmx::ArrayRef< const AnalysisDataValue >
oCgmx::ArrayRef< const char *const >
oCgmx::ArrayRef< const double >
oCgmx::ArrayRef< const real >
oCgmx::ArrayRef< gmx::BasicVector >
oCgmx::ArrayRef< ValueType >
oCdf_history_tFree-energy sampling history struct
oCgmx::FlagsTemplate< Flag >
oCgmx::AbstractAnalysisDataAbstract base class for all objects that provide data
oCgmx::AbstractOptionAbstract base class for specifying option properties
oCgmx::AbstractOptionSectionBase class for specifying option section properties
oCgmx::AnalysisDataFrameHeaderValue type for storing frame-level information for analysis data
oCgmx::AnalysisDataFrameRefValue type wrapper for non-mutable access to a data frame
oCgmx::AnalysisDataHandleHandle for inserting data into AnalysisData
oCgmx::AnalysisDataPlotSettingsCommon settings for data plots
oCgmx::AnalysisDataPointSetRefValue type wrapper for non-mutable access to a set of data column values
oCgmx::AnalysisDataValueValue type for representing a single value in analysis data objects
oCgmx::AnalysisHistogramSettingsContains parameters that specify histogram bin locations
oCgmx::AnalysisHistogramSettingsInitializerProvides "named parameter" idiom for constructing histograms
oCgmx::AnalysisNeighborhoodNeighborhood searching for analysis tools
oCgmx::AnalysisNeighborhoodPairValue type to represent a pair of positions found in neighborhood searching
oCgmx::AnalysisNeighborhoodPairSearchInitialized neighborhood pair search with a fixed set of positions
oCgmx::AnalysisNeighborhoodPositionsInput positions for neighborhood searching
oCgmx::AnalysisNeighborhoodSearchInitialized neighborhood search with a fixed set of reference positions
oCgmx::ArrayRef< T >STL-like container for an interface to a C array of T (or part of a std::vector<T, A> or std::array<T>)
oCgmx::BasicVector< ValueType >C++ class for 3D vectors
oCgmx::CommandLineHelpWriterWrites help information for Options
oCgmx::CommandLineModuleSettingsSettings to pass information between a module and the general runner
oCgmx::CommandLineParserImplements command-line parsing for Options objects
oCgmx::DataFileFinderSearches data files from a set of paths
oCgmx::DataFileInfoInformation about a data file found by DataFileFinder::enumerateFiles()
oCgmx::DataFileOptionsSearch parameters for DataFileFinder
oCgmx::EmptyArrayRefTag type to initialize empty array references
oCgmx::ExceptionInfo< Tag, T >Stores additional context information for exceptions
oCgmx::ExceptionInitializerProvides information for Gromacs exception constructors
oCgmx::ExponentialDistribution< RealType >Exponential distribution
oCgmx::ExponentialDistribution< RealType >::param_typeExponential distribution parameters
oCgmx::FlagsTemplate< FlagType >Template class for typesafe handling of combination of flags
oCgmx::GammaDistribution< RealType >Gamma distribution
oCgmx::GammaDistribution< RealType >::param_typeGamma distribution parameters
oCgmx::IAnalysisDataModuleInterface for a module that gets notified whenever data is added
oCgmx::ICommandLineModuleModule that can be run from command line using CommandLineModuleManager
oCgmx::ICommandLineOptionsModuleModule that can be run from a command line and uses gmx::Options for argument processing
oCgmx::ICommandLineOptionsModuleSettingsSettings to pass information between a CommandLineOptionsModule and generic code that runs it
oCgmx::IdentityFormatterFunction object to implement the same interface as StringFormatter to use with strings that should not be formatted further
oCgmx::InstallationPrefixInfoProvides information about installation prefix (see IProgramContext::installationPrefix())
oCgmx::IOptionManagerBase class for option managers
oCgmx::IOptionsBehaviorInterface to provide extension points for options parsing
oCgmx::IOptionsContainerInterface for adding input options
oCgmx::IProgramContextProvides context information about the program that is calling the library
oCgmx::ITopologyProviderProvides topology information to SelectionOptionBehavior
oCgmx::NormalDistribution< RealType >Normal distribution
oCgmx::NormalDistribution< RealType >::param_typeNormal distribution parameters
oCgmx::OptionInfoGives information and allows modifications to an option after creation
oCgmx::PrivateImplPointer< Impl >Helper class to manage a pointer to a private implementation class
oCgmx::SelectionProvides access to a single selection
oCgmx::SelectionCollectionCollection of selections
oCgmx::SelectionPositionProvides access to information about a single selected position
oCgmx::SelectionTopologyPropertiesDescribes topology properties required for selection evaluation
oCgmx::StaticLog2< n >Evaluate log2(n) for integer n statically at compile time
oCgmx::StaticLog2< 0 >Specialization of StaticLog2<n> for n==0
oCgmx::StaticLog2< 1 >Specialization of StaticLog2<n> for n==1
oCgmx::StringFormatterFunction object that wraps a call to formatString() that expects a single conversion argument, for use with algorithms
oCgmx::TabulatedNormalDistribution< RealType, tableBits >Tabulated normal random distribution
oCgmx::TabulatedNormalDistribution< RealType, tableBits >::param_typeNormal distribution parameter class (mean and stddev)
oCgmx::TextLineWrapperWraps lines to a predefined length
oCgmx::TextLineWrapperSettingsStores settings for line wrapping
oCgmx::ThreeFry2x64General< rounds, internalCounterBits >General implementation class for ThreeFry counter-based random engines
oCgmx::TimeUnitManagerProvides common functionality for time unit conversions
oCgmx::TopologyInformationTopology information passed to a trajectory analysis module
oCgmx::TrajectoryAnalysisCommandLineRunnerRunner for command-line trajectory analysis tools
oCgmx::TrajectoryAnalysisModuleBase class for trajectory analysis modules
oCgmx::TrajectoryAnalysisModuleDataBase class for thread-local data storage during trajectory analysis
oCgmx::TrajectoryAnalysisSettingsTrajectory analysis module configuration object
oCgmx::UniformIntDistribution< IntType >Uniform integer distribution
oCgmx::UniformIntDistribution< IntType >::param_typeUniform int distribution parameters
oCgmx::UniformRealDistribution< RealType >Uniform real distribution
oCgmx::UniformRealDistribution< RealType >::param_typeUniform real distribution parameters
oCgmx_ana_index_tStores a single index group
oCgmx_ana_indexmap_tData structure for calculating index group mappings
oCgmx_ana_pos_tStores a set of positions together with their origins
oCgmx_molblock_tBlock of molecules of the same type, used in gmx_mtop_t
oCgmx_sparsematrixSparse matrix storage format
oCgmx::PrivateImplPointer< internal::FileStreamImpl >
oCgmx::PrivateImplPointer< internal::KeyValueTreeTransformerImpl >
oCgmx::PrivateImplPointer< internal::OptionsImpl >
oCstd::exceptionSTL class
oCt_filenmFile name option definition for C code
oCt_mdatomsDeclares mdatom data structure
oCt_pargsCommand-line argument definition for C code
oCt_pbcStructure containing info on periodic boundary conditions
oCt_stateThe microstate of the system
oCgmx::ThreeFry2x64General< 13, internalCounterBits >
\Cgmx::ThreeFry2x64General< 20, internalCounterBits >