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gmx::DensityFittingForce Class Reference

#include <gromacs/math/include/gromacs/math/densityfittingforce.h>


Manages evaluation of density-fitting forces for particles that were spread with a kernel.

The density fitting force is the inner product of the derivative of the density-density goodness-of-fit function at all density values and the gradient of the spreading kernel used to simulate the density.

For a discrete Gauss transform spreading kernel and density derivative $D$ it is the Gauss transform of a single coordinate, weighted by a distance vector and density derivative at each lattice point

\[ \sum_v D_v \frac{\vec{x_v} - \vec{x}}{\sigma^2} \frac{1}{\sigma^3 \sqrt(2^3*\pi^3)} * \exp(-\frac{(x_v-x)^2}{2 \sigma^2}) \]

Public Member Functions

 DensityFittingForce (const GaussianSpreadKernelParameters::Shape &kernelShapeParameters)
 Construct density fitting force evaluator. More...
 DensityFittingForce (const DensityFittingForce &other)
 Copy constructor.
DensityFittingForceoperator= (const DensityFittingForce &other)
 Copy assignment.
 DensityFittingForce (DensityFittingForce &&other) noexcept
 Move constructor.
DensityFittingForceoperator= (DensityFittingForce &&other) noexcept
 Move assignment.
RVec evaluateForce (const GaussianSpreadKernelParameters::PositionAndAmplitude &localParameters, basic_mdspan< const float, dynamicExtents3D > densityDerivative)
 Evaluate density-fitting force between a reference density and the density generated by a kernel. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::DensityFittingForce::DensityFittingForce ( const GaussianSpreadKernelParameters::Shape kernelShapeParameters)

Construct density fitting force evaluator.

[in]kernelShapeParametersthe global parameters of the density spreading kernel

Member Function Documentation

RVec gmx::DensityFittingForce::evaluateForce ( const GaussianSpreadKernelParameters::PositionAndAmplitude localParameters,
basic_mdspan< const float, dynamicExtents3D densityDerivative 

Evaluate density-fitting force between a reference density and the density generated by a kernel.

Implements the equation in the class description.

[in]localParameterslocal parameters of the spreading kernel
[in]densityDerivativethe spatial derivative of the similarity measure between the reference density and a density that was generated using the spreading kernel
the force that increases the measure of the goodness of fit used to calculate the density derivative

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