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gmx::ExceptionInfo< Tag, T > Class Template Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/exceptions.h>

Inherits gmx::internal::IExceptionInfo.


template<class Tag, typename T>
class gmx::ExceptionInfo< Tag, T >

Stores additional context information for exceptions.

Template Parameters
TagTag type (typically, a forward-declared struct that is not defined anywhere) that makes all ExceptionInfo types unique, even if they have the same value type.
TType of value this object stores. Needs to be copy-constructible.

Example of declaring a new info type that stores an integer:

typedef ExceptionInfo<struct ExceptionInfoMyInfo_, int> ExceptionInfoMyInfo;

Public Types

typedef T value_type
 The type of value stored in this object.

Public Member Functions

 ExceptionInfo (const T &value)
 Creates an info object from given value.
const T & value () const
 Returns the stored value.

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