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gmx::KeyValueTreeTransformRuleBuilder::ToObject< FromType > Class Template Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/include/gromacs/utility/keyvaluetreetransform.h>

Inherits gmx::KeyValueTreeTransformRuleBuilder::Base.


template<typename FromType>
class gmx::KeyValueTreeTransformRuleBuilder::ToObject< FromType >

Properties that can be specified after from().toObject().

Template Parameters
FromTypeType specified for from() to map from.

Public Member Functions

 ToObject (KeyValueTreeTransformRuleBuilder *builder)
 Creates a parameter provider object within given builder.
void transformWith (std::function< void(KeyValueTreeObjectBuilder *, const FromType &)> transform)
 Specifies the transformation function to build the output object. More...

Protected Attributes

 The parent builder.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename FromType >
void gmx::KeyValueTreeTransformRuleBuilder::ToObject< FromType >::transformWith ( std::function< void(KeyValueTreeObjectBuilder *, const FromType &)>  transform)

Specifies the transformation function to build the output object.

The transform should build the output object with the provided builder.

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