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gmx::MessageStringContext Class Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/include/gromacs/utility/message_string_collector.h>


Convenience class for creating a message context.

This class provides a RAII-style interface to the MessageStringCollector::startContext() and MessageStringCollector::finishContext() methods: finishContext() is called upon destruction of the object. This avoids the need to call MessageStringCollector::finishContext() on every possible exit point.

Example usage:

bool function(::gmx::MessageStringCollector *errors)
::gmx::MessageStringContext errcontext(errors, "In function()");
bool bOk = function2(errors);
bOk = function3(errors) && bOk;
// <more processing>
return bOk;
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Public Member Functions

 MessageStringContext (MessageStringCollector *collector, const char *name)
 Adds a context for the given object.
 MessageStringContext (MessageStringCollector *collector, const std::string &name)
 Adds a context for the given object.
 ~MessageStringContext ()
 Calls MessageStringCollector::finishContext() on the wrapped object.

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