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gmx::PhysicalNodeCommunicator Class Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/include/gromacs/utility/physicalnodecommunicator.h>


Holds a communicator for the physical node of this rank.

This communicator should only be used for appropriate tasks, e.g. during initialization and finalization. It can contain ranks from PP, PME and multiple simulations with multisim, so is not suited for general-purpose communication.

Public Member Functions

 PhysicalNodeCommunicator (MPI_Comm world, int physicalNodeId)
 Constructor. More...
void barrier () const
 Creates a barrier for all ranks on this physical node.

Public Attributes

MPI_Comm comm_
 Communicator for all ranks on this physical node.
int size_
 Number of ranks on this physical node, corresponds to MPI_Comm_size of comm.
int rank_
 Rank ID within this physical node, corresponds to MPI_Comm_rank of comm.
MPI_Comm_ptr commGuard_
 RAII handler for cleaning up comm_ only when appropriate.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::PhysicalNodeCommunicator::PhysicalNodeCommunicator ( MPI_Comm  world,
int  physicalNodeId 


Communicates within world to make intra-communicator comm_ between all ranks that share physicalNodeId.

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