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#include <gromacs/coordinateio/outputadapters/setbox.h>

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Allows changing box information when writing a coordinate file.

Public Member Functions

 SetBox (const matrix box)
 Construct SetBox object with a new user defined box.
 SetBox (SetBox &&old) noexcept
 Move constructor for SetBox.
void processFrame (int, t_trxframe *input) override
 Change coordinate frame information for output. More...
void checkAbilityDependencies (unsigned long) const override
 Checks that the abilities of the output writer are sufficient for this adapter. More...

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::SetBox::checkAbilityDependencies ( unsigned  abilities) const

Checks that the abilities of the output writer are sufficient for this adapter.

It can happen that a method to write coordinate files does not match with a requested operation on the input data (e.g. the user requires velocities or forces to be written to a PDB file). To check those dependencies, derived classes need to implement a version of this function to make sure that only matching methods can be used.

[in]abilitiesThe abilities of an output method that need to be checked against the dependencies created by using the derived method.
InconsistentInputErrorIf dependencies can not be matched to abilities.

Implements gmx::IOutputAdapter.

void gmx::SetBox::processFrame ( int  ,
t_trxframe *  input 

Change coordinate frame information for output.

In this case, box information is added to the t_trxframe object depending on the user input.

[in]inputCoordinate frame to be modified later.

Implements gmx::IOutputAdapter.

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