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gmx::SimulatorEnv Class Reference

#include <gromacs/mdrun/simulatorbuilder.h>

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Collection of environmental information for a simulation.

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Public Member Functions

 SimulatorEnv (FILE *fplog, t_commrec *commRec, gmx_multisim_t *multisimCommRec, const MDLogger &logger, gmx_output_env_t *outputEnv, ObservablesReducerBuilder *observablesReducerBuilder)
 Build from current simulation environment.

Public Attributes

FILE * fplog_
 Handle to log file.
t_commrec * commRec_
 Handle to communication record.
const gmx_multisim_tmultisimCommRec_
 Handle to multisim communication record.
const MDLoggerlogger_
 Handle to propper logging framework.
const gmx_output_env_t * outputEnv_
 Handle to file output handling.
 Builder for coordinator of reduction for observables.

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