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#include <gromacs/trajectoryanalysis/modules/unionfind.h>


Union-find data structure for keeping track of disjoint sets.

Union-find keeps track of a number of items, represented here by continuous integer indices starting at zero, and supports the following operations:

Note that in order to achieve the amortized behavior, querying the structure modifies the internal state, but does not alter the externally visible behavior.

Public Member Functions

void init (int count)
 Initializes count items, putting each in its own set.
void merge (int item1, int item2)
 Merges sets that contain two given items. More...
int representativeItem (int item)
 Returns a representative item from the set containing item.
std::vector< int > allSizes ()
 Returns the sizes of all sets (in arbitrary order).

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::UnionFinder::merge ( int  item1,
int  item2 

Merges sets that contain two given items.

If the items are already in the same set, nothing happens.

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