Gromacs  2023.2
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utility Directory Reference
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file  arrayref.h
 Declares gmx::ArrayRef.
file  basedefinitions.h
 Basic types and macros used throughout GROMACS.
file  baseversion.h
 Declares functions to get basic version information.
file  classhelpers.h
 Declares common utility classes and macros.
file  current_function.h
 Declares GMX_CURRENT_FUNCTION for getting the current function name.
file  enumerationhelpers.h
 Defines helper types for class enumerations.
file  exceptions.h
 Declares common exception classes and macros for fatal error handling.
file  fileptr.h
 Declares guard pointer for RAII-style handling of cstdio FILE pointers.
file  flags.h
 Declares gmx::FlagsTemplate.
file  futil.h
 Low-level wrappers for OS-specific file handling with some GROMACS customizations.
file  gmxassert.h
 Defines assert macros customized for Gromacs.
file  listoflists.h
 Declares gmx::ListOfLists.
file  pleasecite.h
 Declares please_cite() for printing out literature references. Declares writeSourceDoi for printing of source code DOI.
file  programcontext.h
 Declares gmx::IProgramContext and related methods.
file  range.h
 Declares gmx::Range.
file  real.h
 Declares real and related constants.
file  smalloc.h
 C-style memory allocation routines for GROMACS.
file  stringutil.h
 Declares common string utility and formatting routines.
file  unique_cptr.h
 Declares gmx::unique_cptr and gmx::sfree_guard.