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NbnxnPairlistCpuWork Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/nbnxm/pairlistwork.h>

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Working data for the actual i-supercell during pair search.


struct  IClusterData
 Struct for storing coordinates and bounding box for an i-entry during search. More...

Public Attributes

gmx_cache_protect_t cp0
 Protect data from cache pollution between threads.
IClusterData iClusterData
 Work data for generating an IEntry in the pairlist.
std::vector< nbnxn_cj_tcj
 Temporary j-cluster list, used for sorting on exclusions.
int ncj_noq
 Nr. of cluster pairs without Coulomb for flop counting.
int ncj_hlj
 Nr. of cluster pairs with 1/2 LJ for flop count.
gmx_cache_protect_t cp1
 Protect data from cache pollution between threads.

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