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t_matrix Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/fileio/matio.h>

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A matrix of integers, plus supporting values, such as used in XPM output.

nx and ny should probably be replaced by operations on the extent of matrix, but currently there is only limited ability to iterate over contents of matrix.

Public Attributes

unsigned int flags = 0
 Defines if x and y are spatial dimensions. See comments on MAT_*.
int nx = 0
 Size of the matrix in x.
int ny = 0
 Size of the matrix in y.
std::string title
 Matrix title.
std::string legend
 Label for the continuous legend.
std::string label_x
 Label for the x-axis.
std::string label_y
 Label for the y-axis.
bool bDiscrete = false
 Whether the quantity described is discrete or continuous.
std::vector< realaxis_x
 The x-ticklabels.
std::vector< realaxis_y
 The y-ticklabels.
DynamicMatrix2D< t_matelmt > matrix
 Element x,y is matrix(x, y)
std::vector< t_mappingmap
 Color levels for the output(?)

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