Run parameters and Programs#

Online documentation#

We install standard UNIX man pages for all the programs. If you have sourced the GMXRC script in the GROMACS binary directory for your host they should already be present in your MANPATH environment variable, and you should be able to type e.g. man gmx-grompp. You can also use the -h flag on the command line (e.g. gmx grompp -h) to see the same information, as well as gmx help grompp. The list of all programs are available from gmx help.

File types#

Information about different file types can be found in File formats.

GROMACS files written in XDR format can be read on any architecture with GROMACS version 1.6 or later if the configuration script found the XDR libraries on your system. They should always be present on UNIX since they are necessary for NFS support.

Run Parameters#

The descriptions of mdp parameters can be found at under the link above both in your local GROMACS installation, or here.