Increased the minimum CUDA version required#

We now require CUDA 7.0, whose features help keep the code more maintainable.

Increased the minimum MSVC version required#

We now require MSVC 2017, so we can rely on full C++11 support and the highest quality implementations. On this platform, we now also require CUDA 9.0.

Updated the OpenCL requirement to version 1.2#

We now require at least OpenCL version 1.2 both for API and kernels. All currently targeted vendors’ libraries do support it, so this is not a restriction in any way.

Preliminary support for ARM Performance Libraries#

The ARM Performance Libraries can now be used for FFT transforms through the FFTW compatiblity layer. This can provide performance benefits over using a vanilla FFTW3 on recent ARMv8 architectures.