map file format

Main Table of Contents VERSION 5.0.7


This file maps matrix data to RGB values which is used by the gmx do_dssp program.

The format of this file is as follow: first line number of elements in the colormap. Then for each line: The first character is a code for the secondary structure type. Then comes a string for use in the legend of the plot and then the R (red) G (green) and B (blue) values.

In this case the colors are (in order of appearance): white, red, black, cyan, yellow, blue, magenta, orange.

~  	Coil		1.0	  1.0	  1.0
E 	B-Sheet		1.0	  0.0	  0.0
B 	B-Bridge	0.0	  0.0	  0.0
S 	Bend		0.0	  0.8	  0.8
T 	Turn		1.0	  1.0	  0.0
H 	A-Helix		0.0	  0.0	  1.0
G 	3-Helix		1.0	  0.0	  1.0
I 	5-Helix		1.0	  0.6	  0.0