gmx wheel

Main Table of Contents VERSION 5.0.7


gmx wheel [-f [<.dat>]] [-o [<.eps>]] [-nice ] [-r0 ]
          [-rot0 ] [-T ] [-[no]nn]


gmx wheel plots a helical wheel representation of your sequence. The input sequence is in the .dat file where the first line contains the number of residues and each consecutive line contains a residue name.


Options to specify input and output files:

-f [<.dat>] (nnnice.dat) (Input)
Generic data file
-o [<.eps>] (plot.eps) (Output)
Encapsulated PostScript (tm) file
Other options:

-nice <int> (19)
Set the nicelevel
-r0 <int> (1)
The first residue number in the sequence
-rot0 <real> (0)
Rotate around an angle initially (90 degrees makes sense)
-T <string>
Plot a title in the center of the wheel (must be shorter than 10 characters, or it will overwrite the wheel)
-[no]nn (yes)
Toggle numbers