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PackHaloExternal Member List

This is the complete list of members for PackHaloExternal, including all inherited members.

kernel(size_t myGridX, size_t myGridY, sycl::uint3 pmeSize, const float *__restrict__ gm_realGrid, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridUp, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridDown, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridLeft, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridRight, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridUpLeft, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridDownLeft, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridUpRight, float *__restrict__ gm_transferGridDownRight, const size_t overlapSizeUp, const size_t overlapSizeDown, const size_t overlapSizeLeft, const size_t overlapSizeRight)PackHaloExternalinlinestatic