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gmx::BinaryInformationSettings Class Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/include/gromacs/utility/binaryinformation.h>


Settings for printBinaryInformation().

This class is used to specify what printBinaryInformation() prints.

Public Member Functions

BinaryInformationSettingsextendedInfo (bool bEnabled)
 Set whether to print information about build settings.
BinaryInformationSettingscopyright (bool bEnabled)
 Set whether to print copyright and license information.
BinaryInformationSettingsprocessId (bool bEnabled)
 Set whether to print the process ID.
BinaryInformationSettingsgeneratedByHeader (bool bEnabled)
 Set whether to print a header line with "Generated by" text (for output files).
BinaryInformationSettingslinePrefix (const char *prefix)
 Prefix each line with this string.
BinaryInformationSettingslineSuffix (const char *suffix)
 Suffix each line with this string.


void printBinaryInformation (TextWriter *writer, const IProgramContext &programContext, const BinaryInformationSettings &settings)
 Needed to read the members without otherwise unnecessary accessors. More...

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void printBinaryInformation ( TextWriter writer,
const IProgramContext programContext,
const BinaryInformationSettings settings 

Needed to read the members without otherwise unnecessary accessors.

[out]writerWhere to print the information.
[in]programContextProgram information object to use.
[in]settingsSpecifies what to print.
std::bad_allocif out of memory.
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