Gromacs  2020.5
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gmx::CoordState Member List

This is the complete list of members for gmx::CoordState, including all inherited members.

CoordState(const AwhBiasParams &awhBiasParams, const std::vector< DimParams > &dimParams, const Grid &grid)gmx::CoordState
coordValue() const gmx::CoordStateinline
gridpointIndex() const gmx::CoordStateinline
restoreFromHistory(const AwhBiasStateHistory &stateHistory)gmx::CoordState
sampleUmbrellaGridpoint(const Grid &grid, int gridpointIndex, gmx::ArrayRef< const double > probWeightNeighbor, int64_t step, int64_t seed, int indexSeed)gmx::CoordState
setCoordValue(const Grid &grid, const awh_dvec coordValue)gmx::CoordState
umbrellaGridpoint() const gmx::CoordStateinline