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gmx::LocalTopologyChecker Class Reference

#include <gromacs/domdec/localtopologychecker.h>


Has responsibility for checking that the local topology distributed across domains describes a total number of bonded interactions that matches the system topology.

This uses the ObservablesReducer framework to check that the count of bonded interactions in the local topology made for each domain sums to the expected value. Because this check is not urgent, the communication that it requires is done at the next opportunity, rather than requiring extra communication. If the check fails, a fatal error stops execution. In principle, if there was a bug, GROMACS might crash in the meantime because of the wrong forces. However as a bug is unlikely we optimize by avoiding creating extra overhead from communication.


class  Impl
 Data to help check local topology construction. More...

Public Member Functions

 LocalTopologyChecker (const MDLogger &mdlog, const t_commrec *cr, const gmx_mtop_t &mtop, DDBondedChecking ddBondedChecking, const gmx_localtop_t &localTopology, const t_state &localState, bool useUpdateGroups, ObservablesReducerBuilder *observablesReducerBuilder)
 Constructor. More...
 ~LocalTopologyChecker ()
 LocalTopologyChecker (LocalTopologyChecker &&other) noexcept
 Move constructor.
LocalTopologyCheckeroperator= (LocalTopologyChecker &&other) noexcept
 Move assignment.
void scheduleCheckOfLocalTopology (int numBondedInteractionsToReduce)
 Set that the local topology should be checked via observables reduction whenever that reduction is required by another module. In case of a single domain a direct assertion is performed instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::LocalTopologyChecker::LocalTopologyChecker ( const MDLogger mdlog,
const t_commrec *  cr,
const gmx_mtop_t &  mtop,
DDBondedChecking  ddBondedChecking,
const gmx_localtop_t localTopology,
const t_state localState,
bool  useUpdateGroups,
ObservablesReducerBuilder observablesReducerBuilder 


[in]crCommunication object
[in]mtopGlobal system topology
[in]ddBondedCheckingTells for which bonded interactions presence should be checked
[in]localTopologyThe local topology
[in]localStateThe local state
[in]useUpdateGroupsWhether update groups are in use
[in]observablesReducerBuilderHandle to builder for ObservablesReducer

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