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gmx::StatePropagatorData::ReferenceTemperatureHelper Class Reference


Helper object to scale velocities according to reference temperature change.

Public Member Functions

 ReferenceTemperatureHelper (const t_inputrec *inputrec, StatePropagatorData *statePropagatorData, const t_mdatoms *mdatoms)
void updateReferenceTemperature (ArrayRef< const real > temperatures, ReferenceTemperatureChangeAlgorithm gmx_unused algorithm)
 Update the reference temperature. More...

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::StatePropagatorData::ReferenceTemperatureHelper::updateReferenceTemperature ( ArrayRef< const real temperatures,
ReferenceTemperatureChangeAlgorithm gmx_unused  algorithm 

Update the reference temperature.

Changing the reference temperature requires scaling the velocities, which is done here.

temperaturesNew reference temperatures
algorithmThe algorithm which initiated the temperature update

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