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gmx::WriteCheckpointDataHolder Class Reference

#include <gromacs/mdtypes/checkpointdata.h>


Holder for write checkpoint data.

The WriteCheckpointDataHolder object holds the KV-tree builder and dispatches CheckpointData objects to the checkpoint clients to save their respective data. It is then passed to the checkpoint writing functionality.

Public Member Functions

void serialize (ISerializer *serializer)
 Serialize the content of the CheckpointData object.
WriteCheckpointData checkpointData (const std::string &key)
 Return a subset of the current CheckpointData. More...
bool empty () const

Member Function Documentation

WriteCheckpointData gmx::WriteCheckpointDataHolder::checkpointData ( const std::string &  key)

Return a subset of the current CheckpointData.

keyThe key to [read|write] the sub data [from|to]
A CheckpointData object representing a subset of the current object

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