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gmx::anonymous_namespace{colvarsMDModule_stub.cpp}::ColvarsMDModule Class Referencefinal
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Colvars module.

Stub Implementation in case Colvars library is not compiled

Public Member Functions

 ColvarsMDModule ()=default
 Construct the colvars module.
void subscribeToPreProcessingNotifications (MDModulesNotifiers *) override
 Subscribe to pre processing notifications.
void subscribeToSimulationSetupNotifications (MDModulesNotifiers *) override
 Subscribe to simulation setup notifications.
IMdpOptionProvidermdpOptionProvider () override
 Returns an interface for handling mdp input (and tpr I/O).
IMDOutputProvideroutputProvider () override
 Returns an interface for handling output files during simulation.
void initForceProviders (ForceProviders *) override
 Initializes force providers from this module.

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