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gmx::anonymous_namespace{exceptions.cpp}::MessageWriterString Class Reference
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Exception information writer to format into an std::string.

Public Member Functions

void removeTerminatingLineFeed ()
 Post-processes the output string to not end in a line feed.
const std::string & result () const
 Returns the constructed string.
void writeLine (const char *text, int indent) override
 Writes a single line of text into the output. More...
void writeErrNoInfo (int errorNumber, const char *funcName, int indent) override
 Writes information about a system error (errno-based). More...

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::anonymous_namespace{exceptions.cpp}::MessageWriterString::writeErrNoInfo ( int  errorNumber,
const char *  funcName,
int  indent 

Writes information about a system error (errno-based).

[in]errorNumbererrno value
[in]funcNameName of the system call (can be NULL).
[in]indentSuggested number of spaces to indent the output.

Implements gmx::anonymous_namespace{exceptions.cpp}::IMessageWriter.

void gmx::anonymous_namespace{exceptions.cpp}::MessageWriterString::writeLine ( const char *  text,
int  indent 

Writes a single line of text into the output.

[in]textText to write on the line.
[in]indentSuggested number of spaces to indent the line.

Implements gmx::anonymous_namespace{exceptions.cpp}::IMessageWriter.

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