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gmx::anonymous_namespace{helpwritercontext.cpp}::WrapperToVector Class Reference
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Wraps markup output into a vector of string (one line per element).

Public Member Functions

 WrapperToVector (const TextLineWrapperSettings &settings)
 Creates a wrapper with the given settings.
TextLineWrapperSettingssettings () override
 Provides the wrapping settings. More...
void wrap (const std::string &text) override
 Appends the given string to output.
const std::vector< std::string > & result () const
 Returns a vector with the output lines.

Member Function Documentation

TextLineWrapperSettings& gmx::anonymous_namespace{helpwritercontext.cpp}::WrapperToVector::settings ( )

Provides the wrapping settings.

HelpWriterContext::Impl::processMarkup() may provide some default values for the settings if they are not set; this is the reason the return value is not const.

Implements gmx::anonymous_namespace{helpwritercontext.cpp}::IWrapper.

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