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gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{mock_datamodule.cpp}::StaticDataPointsChecker Class Reference


Functor for checking data frame points against static test input data.

This functor is designed to be invoked as a handled for IAnalysisDataModule::pointsAdded().

Public Member Functions

 StaticDataPointsChecker (const AnalysisDataTestInputFrame *frame, const AnalysisDataTestInputPointSet *points, int firstcol, int n)
 Constructs a checker against a given input data frame and point set. More...
void operator() (const AnalysisDataPointSetRef &points) const
 Function call operator for the functor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{mock_datamodule.cpp}::StaticDataPointsChecker::StaticDataPointsChecker ( const AnalysisDataTestInputFrame frame,
const AnalysisDataTestInputPointSet points,
int  firstcol,
int  n 

Constructs a checker against a given input data frame and point set.

[in]frameFrame to check against.
[in]pointsPoint set in frame to check against.
[in]firstcolExpected first column.
[in]nExpected number of columns.

firstcol and n are used to create a checker that only expects to be called for a subset of columns. frame and points must exist for the lifetime of this object.

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