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gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{mock_datamodule.cpp}::StaticDataPointsStorageChecker Class Reference


Functor for checking data frame points and storage against static test input data.

This functor is designed to be invoked as a handled for IAnalysisDataModule::pointsAdded().

Public Member Functions

 StaticDataPointsStorageChecker (AbstractAnalysisData *source, const AnalysisDataTestInput *data, int frameIndex, int pointSetIndex, int storageCount)
 Constructs a checker for a given frame. More...
void operator() (const AnalysisDataPointSetRef &points) const
 Function call operator for the functor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{mock_datamodule.cpp}::StaticDataPointsStorageChecker::StaticDataPointsStorageChecker ( AbstractAnalysisData source,
const AnalysisDataTestInput data,
int  frameIndex,
int  pointSetIndex,
int  storageCount 

Constructs a checker for a given frame.

[in]sourceData object that is being checked.
[in]dataTest input data to check against.
[in]frameIndexFrame index for which this functor expects to be called.
[in]pointSetIndexPoint set for which this functor expects to be called.
[in]storageCountHow many past frames should be checked for storage (-1 = check all frames).

This checker works as StaticDataPointsChecker, but additionally checks that previous frames can be accessed using access methods in AbstractAnalysisData and that correct data is returned.

source and data must exist for the lifetime of this object.

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