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coordinateio Directory Reference
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directory  outputadapters
directory  tests


file  coordinatefile.cpp
 Implements methods from coordinatefile.h.
file  coordinatefile.h
 CoordinateFile takes care of opening files and writing output to them.
file  enums.h
 Enum class defining the different requirements that outputadapters have for the output file type. OutputManager objects can only be built with OutputAdapters whose requirements can be implemented with the available input.
file  ioutputadapter.h
 Declares gmx::IOutputAdapter interface for modifying coordinate file structures before writing them to disk.
file  outputadaptercontainer.cpp
 Implements gmx::OutputAdapterContainer.
file  outputadaptercontainer.h
 Declares gmx::OutputAdapterContainer, a storage object for multiple outputadapters derived from the IOutputadaper interface.
file  outputadapters.h
 Public API convenience header for accessing outputadapters.
file  requirements.cpp
 Implements helper function to populate requirements from user input.
file  requirements.h
 Storage object for requirements to build coordinate file writer.