Gromacs  2024.2
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tests Directory Reference
+ Directory dependency graph for tests:


file  builder.cpp
 Tests for outputmanager.
file  coordinate_test.h
 Helper classes for coordinatefile and coordinateio tests.
file  frameconverter.h
 Helper classes for frameconverter tests.
file  outputadaptercontainer.cpp
 Tests for outputadaptercontainer.
file  outputadapters.cpp
 Tests for outputmanager.
file  outputadapters.h
 Helpers and data for outputadapter module tests.
file  register.cpp
 Tests for frameconverter registration method.
file  requirements.cpp
 Tests for processing of user input.
file  requirements.h
 Helpers and data for flag setting method.
file  setatoms.cpp
 Tests for gmx::SetAtoms.
file  setbothtime.cpp
 Tests for combination of gmx::SetTimeStep and gmx::SetStartTime.
file  setstarttime.cpp
 Tests for gmx::SetStartTime.
file  settimestep.cpp
 Tests for gmx::SetTimeStep.
file  testmodule.cpp
 Implements test module.
file  testmodule.h
 Dummy module used for tests and as an implementation example.