Gromacs  2024.2
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Utility Modules
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Modules with generic utility functions.


 Command Line Program Management (commandline)
 Provides functionality for managing command line programs.
 Help Formatting for Online Help (onlinehelp)
 Provides functionality for formatting help text for console and reStructuredText.
 Random engines and distributions (random)
 Provides efficient and portable random generators and distributions.
 SIMD intrinsics interface (simd)
 Provides an architecture-independent way of doing SIMD coding.
 Classes for table interpolation
 Table interpolation from analytical or numerical input.
 Low-Level Utilities (utility)
 Provides low-level utilities for error handling and other tasks.
 Testing Utilities (testutils)
 Common helper classes and functions for writing tests using Google Test.
 Extensible Handling of Options (options)
 Provides functionality for handling options.