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Implements the parts of the vmdsock.h interface needed for IMD communication.

Martin Hoefling, Carsten Kutzner

For more information, see for general IMD information and for the IMD reference implementation and API.


int gmx::imdsock_winsockinit ()
 Define a function to initialize winsock. More...
IMDSocket * gmx::imdsock_create ()
 Create an IMD main socket. More...
void gmx::imd_sleep (unsigned int seconds)
 Portability wrapper around sleep function.
int gmx::imdsock_bind (IMDSocket *sock, int port)
 Bind the IMD socket to address and port. More...
int gmx::imd_sock_listen (IMDSocket *sock)
 Set socket to listening state. More...
IMDSocket * gmx::imdsock_accept (IMDSocket *sock)
 Accept incoming connection and redirect to client socket. More...
int gmx::imdsock_getport (IMDSocket *sock, int *port)
 Get the port number used for IMD connection. More...
int gmx::imd_htonl (int src)
 Portability wrapper around system htonl function.
int gmx::imd_ntohl (int src)
 Portability wrapper around system ntohl function.
int gmx::imdsock_write (IMDSocket *sock, const char *buffer, int length)
 Write to socket. More...
int gmx::imdsock_read (IMDSocket *sock, char *buffer, int length)
 Read from socket. More...
void gmx::imdsock_shutdown (IMDSocket *sock)
 Shutdown the socket. More...
int gmx::imdsock_destroy (IMDSocket *sock)
 Close the socket and free the sock struct memory. More...
int gmx::imdsock_tryread (IMDSocket *sock, int timeoutsec, int timeoutusec)
 Try to read from the socket. More...