Gromacs  2024.1
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kernel_common.cpp File Reference
#include "gmxpre.h"
#include "kernel_common.h"
#include "gromacs/pbcutil/ishift.h"
#include "gromacs/utility/gmxassert.h"
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Implements utility functions used by all nbnxm CPU kernels.

Berk Hess


static void clearBufferAll (gmx::ArrayRef< real > buffer)
 Clears all elements of buffer.
template<int numComponentsPerElement>
static void clearBufferFlagged (const nbnxn_atomdata_t &nbat, int outputIndex, gmx::ArrayRef< real > buffer)
 Clears elements of size and stride numComponentsPerElement. More...
void clearForceBuffer (nbnxn_atomdata_t *nbat, int outputIndex)
 Clears the force buffer. More...
void clear_fshift (real *fshift)
 Clears the shift forces.
void reduce_energies_over_lists (const nbnxn_atomdata_t *nbat, int nlist, real *Vvdw, real *Vc)
 Reduces the collected energy terms over the pair-lists/threads.

Function Documentation

template<int numComponentsPerElement>
static void clearBufferFlagged ( const nbnxn_atomdata_t nbat,
int  outputIndex,
gmx::ArrayRef< real buffer 

Clears elements of size and stride numComponentsPerElement.

Only elements with flags in nbat set for index outputIndex are cleared.

void clearForceBuffer ( nbnxn_atomdata_t nbat,
int  outputIndex 

Clears the force buffer.

Either the whole buffer is cleared or only the parts used by thread/task outputIndex when nbat->bUseBufferFlags is set.

[in,out]nbatThe Nbnxm atom data
[in]outputIndexThe index of the output object to clear