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mttk.h File Reference
#include <queue>
#include "modularsimulatorinterfaces.h"
#include "statepropagatordata.h"
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Declares classes related to MTTK pressure coupling.

Pascal Merz

This header is only used within the modular simulator module


struct  gmx::MttkPropagatorConnectionDetails
 Struct collecting the propagator tags and offsets used by the MTTK pressure coupling. More...
class  gmx::MttkData
 Class holding the extra dof and parameters used by the MTTK algorithm. More...
class  gmx::MttkPropagatorConnection
 Object holding the callbacks and scaling views for the connection of MTTKElement objects to propagators. More...
class  gmx::MttkElement
 Element propagating the MTTK degree of freedom. More...
class  gmx::MttkBoxScaling
 This element scales the box based on the MTTK dof. More...