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gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpwriter.cpp} Namespace Reference


class  IOptionsFormatter
 Interface for output format specific formatting of options. More...
class  OptionsFilter
 Output format independent processing of options. More...
class  SynopsisFormatter
 Formatter implementation for synopsis. More...
class  OptionsListFormatter
 Formatter implementation for help export. More...


void formatOptionNameAndValue (const OptionInfo &option, std::string *name, std::string *value)
 Formats option name and value.
std::string defaultOptionValue (const OptionInfo &option)
 Formats the default option value as a string.
std::string fileOptionFlagsAsString (const FileNameOptionInfo &option, bool bAbbrev)
 Formats the flags for a file option as a string.
std::string descriptionWithOptionDetails (const CommonFormatterData &common, const OptionInfo &option)
 Formats the description for an option as a string.