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gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlineprogramcontext.cpp} Namespace Reference


class  DefaultExecutableEnvironment
 Default implementation for IExecutableEnvironment. More...


std::string quoteIfNecessary (const char *str)
 Quotes a string if it contains spaces.
std::filesystem::path findFullBinaryPath (const std::filesystem::path &invokedName, const IExecutableEnvironment &env)
 Finds the absolute path of the binary from argv[0]. More...
bool isAcceptableLibraryPath (const std::filesystem::path &path)
 Returns whether given path contains files from share/top/. More...
bool isAcceptableLibraryPathPrefix (const std::filesystem::path &path)
 Returns whether given path prefix contains files from share/top/. More...
std::filesystem::path findFallbackInstallationPrefixPath ()
 Returns a fallback installation prefix path. More...
std::filesystem::path findInstallationPrefixPath (const std::filesystem::path &binaryPath, bool *bSourceLayout)
 Generic function to find data files based on path of the binary. More...